10 Top Tourist Attractions in Hiroshima

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Almost people have known Hiroshima as obliterated city since United State attacked with a nuclear bomb in 1945. Within 2 kilometer radius, most buildings, houses, plants and inhabit were destroyed completely. US was successful in putting Hiroshima back to Stone Age.

After that nightmare, all residents together rebuilt Hiroshima. No one thought Hiroshima could develop as much as other cities. But like a miracle, incredible efforts of inhabitants justified the assumption was wrong. Nowadays, Hiroshima is not only develop city but also a ideal destination for foreign tourists as well as domestic visitors.

1. Peace Memorial Park


This park is considered as outstanding feature of Hiroshima. Being bounded by various trees, lawns and walkways, 12 hectare park attracts everyone even who just goes through. Before 1945, this location was for politics and business. After bombing, it was still chosen like a central of Hiroshima. With desire of peacefulness, it was not restored as before. A park was built instead like a huge hope and named Peaceful. There are several evidences or tributes to reappear our history like Peace Memorial Museum, A-Bomb Dome, Children’s Peace Monument. Tourists come here for taking a gorgeous shot, admire our effort and join some interesting outdoor activities.

2.Mazda Museum


Mazda Corporation was established in early 20th century. Its headquarters is still located on its original place. Besides, Mazda possesses a building near the beach, with contains of several factories and other facilities. Mazda museum is one of Mazda business chain which is opened for public to introduce its industry as well as its development.

Although Mazda’s market share is not large as its competitor Toyota, it still contribute Hiroshima’s budget considerably and is one of significant role in Japan auto industry. It used to be the winner of Le Mans Grand Prix.

With about 90 – minute tour, tourists will enjoy our assembly line production and technology as well as our modern and ancient cars. Not only can you watch through pictures or models, but you also can enjoy real cars.

3.Shukkeien Garden


Shukkeien is not only a Japanese name, but it is also meaningful. In English, it likes “scenery”. Many people wonder if its name refer from the founder or its landscape. Shukkeien is really ideal destination for whom like exploring natural but still peaceful and dreaming place. Because of tendency, the landscape is a small replica of typical forest and inhabit in Japan. Don’t imagine about outside picnic, we have a range of tea house surrounding main pond which gorgeous rooms overlook picturesque scenery. Other attraction is lovely and clean walking path that is suitable for explore profoundly our park.

 4.Hiroshima Downtown


Hiroshima is a busy and bustle city that attracts tourists to shopping significantly. Hondori is one of attractive walkway road that is a paradise of shopping malls and restaurants. It is not far from Peace Park, one famous spot in Hiroshima, which is one of advantages because of ideal location. There is also other amazing road named Aioi that is covered by cars, trams and supercenters. Local dishes are served in almost restaurants in downtown and if you go to Okonomumura, it definitely is best choice. In that small village, you can choose various food and we are sure about our flavor as well as service quality.

5.Hiroshima Castle


Hiroshima Castle is a typical castle of plain area, it is completely different design from other areas like mountain or hill. It is still the 5-story height and bounded by a moat like original design. During feudalism, this castle was regarded as center of Hiroshima. After 1945, it was destroyed largely. Local government decided to restore it by more permanent and beautiful material in exterior, and interior displayed Hiroshima history as well as castle information. Some parts of castle was still restored like its original structure, so visitors can enjoy ancient design clearly. If go to the top of castle, you can immerse almost stunning landscape through window.

6.Hijiyama Park


Located on south of Hiroshima Station, Hijiyama Park is one of the beautiful park in Hiroshima. Covered by various plant, this park looks like a small forest inside the city. From the park, you will have panoramic view of Hiroshima because this park is on the hill. People go there for relaxing as Hijiyama park is very quiet and peaceful. A special thing is cherry blossom. Nearly 1300 cherry blossoms has been plant that makes up a gorgeous cherry area. Early April is wonderful time for go there. You will not disappointed with our stunning landscape when almost 1300 trees together blooming.

7. Okonomiyaki


It is the most famous food of Hiroshima. With unique recepi, Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki has become one of favorite  food over the country. It is also considered as Japanese pizza. By only thin layer batter cover the yakisoba noodles and sometimes decorating by cabbage, the food looks fascinating and very delicious, Other difference is sauce. People cannot find similar flavor in other cities. This dish can be serve in almost restaurants in Hiroshima. And traditional way is sitting around a display and order directly with our chef as well as see how to make the dish.

8.Honkawa Elementary School


Honkawa Elementary School was established in late 19th century. After nearly one century, when it was working well, in 1945, it was damaged by nuclear bomb. That massacre made more than 400 students and teachers died and only one student and one teacher survived. To commemorate, remaining part of school that wasn’t destroyed was rebuilt as a museum. Although it is small museum, it create history clearly. Many artificial models are displayed as existence of past. Many damaged objects are tearing at visitors’ heart.

9.Sake Festival


It is held in Saijo annually at October with many interesting activities. Tourists can enter our brewery factory for excursion and enjoying some local sample of beer and wine. Many kinds of festival that you can choose. If you wonder about “5000 person Izakaya”, it is the outside pub with contain of 5000 people with Japanese style. What about “ Bishunabe”? It is a hot pot party with enjoy sake whenever you want. Moreover, we have other services such as singing, talking or adding Shinto ceremony. In our festival, various kinds of sake are displayed even outside brand.

10.Bank of Japan


Be one of the historical building that remained almost after bombing in 1945, Bank of Japan attracts people because of its structure and archaic style. Third floor was destroyed heavily while two downstairs destroyed insignificantly. Therefore the bank opened two days later and considered as temporary place for other financial organization. In early 21th century, the building was reconstruction. Because of its historic milestone, its design as a social cultural asset of Hiroshima. Now it is also the place for festivals and carnivals that introduce to travelers our history and our cultures